“There is one thing I want you to understand – Victor, and that is – I will never stop loving you. Any where you are”.


“I do not doubt your sincerity ‘Victoria but in a short while, you’ll be gone and anything can happen.  Don’t forget the adage – ‘out of sight-out of mind’ neither you nor I bargained for this rude shock – the opposing forces of this nation brought us.  So we must be realistic about our plan, for the future; as for me, I can assure you that I’ll wait for you till the next decade if need be.   I am confident of my love for you.  But you are a woman.  Women they say, - are easily changeable.  Some sweet talk or the vain things of life can change the heart of a woman.  I am not saying this out of mistrust for you.  I am only airing my view.  Tomorrow morning, you will be on your way to the Eastern region; only God knows when this evil that is threatening to tear our country, will calm down.  I only pray that future events do not influence your mind negatively”


“Oh no Victor, you increase my blood pressure with your ignoble   ideas and petty mindedness” she began to cry.   Her breast jerking with each word she uttered.


“Your words are cruel Victor; they cut through my heart like a knife.  How can you be so cruel, if you want to know, how I feel about you, right now, I will tell you dear-Hmm hmm ‘I am stunned’ because, I thought you’d be looking forward to God’s will; especially at these trying   times  Have I not been  faithful  to you?  Can’t you see that my life will be in- complete without you?  Let me tell you boy, there is no love without tears.  One must sacrifice something for love, to make it real.  And in the end, Joy and harmony take over.  True love is eternal. It can never die.  So this night Victor, under the confinement of your room, I shall swear with the blood from my right thumb which I now pierce with this pin, - a binding oath – to prove my sincerity to you, – that, between me and you, whoever betray this oath, will never find peace in love and life’,


Stretching her bloody thumb towards his mouth, she said, “Lick it Victor”. He    sucked the blood hungrily and then took the pin from her; pierce his right thumb, and put it into her mouth.  She hungrily sucked the blood, - “between you and me”, he said aloud, “If you betray this oath Victoria, I shall forever see love as nothing but vanity.”  “Okay Victor, the oath is sealed.  Tomorrow morning, I shall be parting from you until only God knows when things will be normal again. Le t us make love, and feel no guilt about it.  I mean the type the Hausa’s call se go be (Goodbye).”


With massive  strength, Victor carried  Victoria  like a baby, and  put her on the bed.  He began to kiss and caress her passionately, touching     the vital parts of her body.  At the same time, Victoria was having a go at his too.  They toyed with themselves like children, until Victoria could not control her emotions any more.  She gripped his manhood, and said in a low tone - , “my husband, - come into my web site”, then they began to make love proper.


This marked a beginning to the end of a hearty affair between Victor Osasiba, a fourth year medical student of the school of medicine – University College, Ibadan, and Victoria Ezeze, a final year student of the Holy Heart Teacher’s College Ubiaja.  The four years old affair, was blessed by both parents, who were neighbours at the central police barrack in Benin City.  Inspector of police – Mr. Utomi   Osasiba, hails from Uromi in the Ishan division of Mid-Western Nigeria. And Inspector of Police, Mr. Emeka Ezeze from Onitsha in the Eastern region of Nigeria. When the affair became privy to both parents, neither opposed what was seen as the hand of God, or what they preferred to call the will of providence.  The similarity of their names, and the fact that both families profess the Catholic faith was enough evidence to shame  the doubting Thomas’s.


On the morning of the faithful day the Ezeze’s were to embark on their journey to the East, in compliance to the clarion call by the great statesman – Lt Col. Odumegwu Ojukwu, that all Ibos should come home or take responsibility of their safety in context with whatever happen to them outside Biafra – the new Republic: - The Ezeze’s paid their friends (the Osasiba’s) – a fare well visit.  Mrs Osasiba and Mrs. Felicia Ezeze, were very close friends.  So it was natural for Mrs Osasiba to feel so sad and bitter, when she learnt that her friend would be moving to the East in an unusual manner..


“Why must this be happening to us she lamented.  What have we done to enkindle God’s wrath?”


“We don’t have any share of the blame”, Mrs. Ezeze cut in sharply, - “The problem is the ambition of Yakubu Gowon, and the strong headedness of Emeka Ojukwu.”


“I do not agree with you my dear”, Mr. Ezeze said – looking in the direction of Mr. Osasiba, as  if  to  lobby   his consent, he continued – “the problem was caused by Major Nzeogwu, who started the killings, and  suspended  the constitution of our country”.


But waving his hand, as if to calm the tension in the heart of everyone  in the room, Mr Osasiba spoke out’ – Okay for now – ladies and gentlemen – we must not bother our heads about  who and who caused   the  problem.  The fact is that, they had no right to tamper with our peace, freedom and security.”  At this point, he opened the little cupboard on his right side, and brought out a bottle of Schnapps and some Kola nuts, which he put in a saucer.  He handed them over to Mr Ezeze for blessing.  But Mr Ezeze declined, saying’ – my heart is heavy Utomi.  Please do it for me.”